What types of commercial floor mats are there?

Commercial entrance mats are the best way to keep dirt and moisture out of your building’s doors. They are used by businesses across all industries to protect their offices, retail spaces, and industrial areas.

To prevent slips, trips, and falls, commercial floor mats can also be used outside and inside commercial buildings. Entrance floor mats can be a smart investment, regardless of whether you own a school, restaurant, hospital, gym, or another industrial establishment.

You need to select the right size and type of entrance mat for your business in order to protect your flooring and prevent slip-and-fall accidents that could injure workers or customers. There are many options for commercial floor mats. They come in a variety of designs, materials, shapes, textures, colors, and quality. Heavy commercial floor mats that are designed to handle foot traffic will give you the highest return on your investment.

How do you choose the right entrance mat for your commercial building? And where should it be installed? This guide will answer all your questions about commercial entrance mats.

Where to use commercial flooring mats?

Heavy-duty custom logo mats can be used inside or outside major entrances and doors of your commercial building. These mats are ideal for schools, airports, and busy offices.

Aluminum roll-up recommended entry floor mats

Many commercial mat manufacturers make aluminum roll-up flooring mats. These are the best products for you. They can be customized in the shortest time and have the best quality.

There is a lot of dirt, moisture, and debris. Use aluminum entrance floor grids

These aluminum entrance floor grids can be used to clean people’s shoes when they enter your commercial building. These mats are resistant to moisture and easily catch dirt and other debris from the shoes of visitors. The noise generated by heavy foot traffic can also be reduced with aluminum grids. Aluminum entrance floor grids are ideal for busy entrances that require frequent cleaning. These entrance mats are heavy-duty and will last for years without requiring any maintenance.

Do you want to stop dirt at your door? Choose stainless steel entrance grilles

The sleek, modern design and high-tech appearance of stainless steel commercial entrance floor mats is what makes them so popular. These mats trap dirt and small particles and absorb water. Vinyl backing is available for stainless steel entrance grills. It provides slip resistance and protects against falls.

Are you a low- to moderate-foot traffic shopper? Choose from polypropylene entrance mats or rubber entrance floor mats

Because they are durable and affordable, entrance mats made of rubber or polypropylene are popular choices for commercial entrances. Rubber or polypropylene mats can only hold a small amount of dirt and moisture. They can also pose a danger to tripping hazards as they are placed on top of the flooring instead of being flush with the floor, like entrance mats, grids, or grilles made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Choose the right entrance mat for your business

A floor mat for the entrance is a smart investment that will reduce costs and protect you from costly lawsuits if someone slips, trips, or falls. An aluminum or stainless-steel entrance mat, grid, or grille installed 6-15 feet from your front door can reduce dirt and moisture by up to 80%. This guide will help you choose the right entrance floor for your business. Contact us if you have any questions about stainless steel or aluminum entrance floor mats, grids, or grilles.

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