Community Service Worker Diploma Program – Creating Strong Communities And Rewarding Careers

Young nurse supporting an elderly woman on wheelchair. Nursing home concept

Evergreen CollegeEvergreen College Community Service Worker Diploma Program gives students a strong foundation in service work, allowing them to launch successful and fulfilling careers. Like all of our programs, we make sure that students have flexibility allowing them to earn their diploma, and adequate training and experience. This means that our students can prepare themselves for an exciting new career while still working, taking care of their families, and having a personal life. Over the course of one academic year (55 weeks) students will learn how to work with people of various cultures, orientations, and gender, as well as individuals with family and substance abuse issues in ways that are effective and compassionate. Evergreen College also assists students in obtaining their CPR and CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention) certifications, which are essential skills in the community service and social services field. Evergreen College students will also gain practical experience by completing a co-op placement (totalling 200 hours). Although we do focus on Canadian communities and policies, the skills and knowledge available to our students are highly transferrable and can be helpful in community service work around the world. Our well rounded curriculum complete with both in-class and practical training is led by a team of highly experienced instructors. Evergreen College instructors are passionate about their field and have many years of real world experience in social work. They have a deep understanding of the difficulties that communities and community service workers face on a daily basis and how to overcome them. The work is both challenging and rewarding as you need to have an understanding of how to help a community grow and progress, as well as the various policies that can both help and hinder that progress. You will also be able to see yourself making a difference in the communities and the lives of people within those communities. As a community service worker you offer guidance and help to individuals and groups at addiction treatment centres, youth centres, group homes, and more. Community service workers can also help low income families to find affordable house by working with housing organization to create and maintain subsidized housing. Along with a thorough knowledge of policies and the inner workings of growing and maintaining a healthy and sustainable, community service workers need to have strong people skills. At Evergreen College, both our in-class and practical training emphasize these skills, equipping students with exactly what they need to handle difficult and delicate circumstances facing their clients and the communities they work with. After graduation our students can enter the workforce with confidence due to our focus on career independence. The Community Service Worker Diploma Program at Evergreen College is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to help people and their communities come up with progressive and sustainable solutions. Evergreen College Community Service Worker Diploma Program

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