Are you a foodie? Have you tried and tested foods and other eatables from every culture and genre? Which one did you like best? The chances are high that you prefer to have Indian subcontinents’ dishes more than any other particular cuisine. The difference between Indian dishes and other country’s cuisine is the richness of flavour and surreal warmth. The warmth comes from the variety of spices. The availability of Indian spices online has made these ones famous all over the world now. So it does not matter if you stay within this subcontinent or not, you can just order online Indian spices and use them effectively in your kitchen. You will be amazed to see the wonder you can create with your culinary skill. The popular ones from the range of Indian spices are: Asafoetida- popularly known as Hing, this spice is used to lend the food a musty smell, which creates the illusion of non-vegetarian flavour. It can be obtained in form of resin from a leafy plant of the parsley family. The aroma is mostly like burnt garlic. Some use it to add a special tang if can be added into hot oil before the main cooking is started. Cardamom- this is a seed from a tropical tree boring fruit from the ginger family. This one has a sweet smell. The seed, as well as skin, can be chewed when dried, and it gives the fresh smell and pungent taste of your breath. Among the three types of cardamoms, green, black and cream coloured, the green variety is most commonly used. Tea and other milky drinks can be flavoured with it. This is an ayurvedic medicine which is suggested to burn fat and cure urinary diseases. Chillies- when it is red, it is the hottest spice on the earth. You can check the hotness quotient by adding the smallest bit to any of your favourite dishes and try it if you are having it for the first time. They can be red or green if they are raw, and can be pasted before adding to the dishes. But if you prefer it in dust form or powder, then only red chilli powder is available in the market. Also, the powder usually comes from the seeds, which is, in fact, the hottest part of any chilli. However, being so hot, this spice also contains a few medicinal properties. It is full of vitamin a and c, and when taken in a very small amount, it can do well for your digestive system. Cinnamon- another form of spice which is actually the bark of a laurel tree, provides the warm smell of any food that it is used in. along with curries and non-vegetarian dishes, this spice is used in cake, biscuits, different sweets and hot drinks like milk tea and lassi or buttermilk.

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