Analysis of Seven Common Misunderstandings of Prostatitis

Prostatitis is a common disease in men. As a result of inflammation stimulation, it can produce a series of symptoms, such as lumbosacral, perineum, testis, and other parts of the swelling pain, frequent urination, painful urination, unclean urination, and so on, which makes the patient fidgety and uneasy, affecting work and life. If it is chronic inflammation for a long time, the composition of prostatic fluid will change, the secretion function of the prostate will be affected, and then the liquefaction time of sperm will be affected, the sperm vitality will decline, leading to male infertility. In addition, it is easy to relapse, which can easily lead to a misunderstanding of treatment. What are the misunderstandings in the treatment of prostatitis? 1. Prostatitis will go through itself Patients with prostatitis often feel that prostate disease is also a small problem, plus involving private, treatment is always not active. They usually think that the condition will go through itself. Clinical statistics show that so far, there has not been a case of prostate disease is natural and healing. 2. Random use of Medicine Some patients with chronic prostatitis frequently change medication and hospital, which is not a wise move. As time goes on, it will only aggravate the psychological burden of patients, and more easily cause mental pain. 3. Treat prostate diseases as venereal diseases Patients always mistakenly think that they have sexually transmitted diseases when patients have frequent urination, the urgency of urination, white secretion in the urethra when they get up in the morning, impotence, and premature ejaculation in sexual life, and no sexual desire. Besides, they abuse antibiotics for self-treatment, which accelerates the deterioration of prostatitis. 4. Prostatitis is a “lifelong” disease Because of the high prevalence of prostatitis, the complex clinical symptoms, the lack of accurate diagnosis ability of some informal medical institutions, the lack of targeted therapy and drugs, and the inability to carry out reasonable treatment on patients, some patients lose confidence that prostatitis is a “lifelong” disease. 5. As long as the bacteria are removed, prostatitis is curable 80% of patients with prostate disease always think that prostate disease is a common inflammation, and a lot of antibiotics can be useful. Although the test results show that the bacteria disappear, they will recur very quickly, and they always linger in the situation of treatment, recurrence, retreatment, and re repetition. 6. Only antibiotics can cure chronic prostatitis Most of the patients with chronic prostatitis are aseptic. Some pathogenic microorganisms cause some chronic prostatitis. It is difficult to achieve good results with antibiotics. The herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can be used to treat chronic prostatitis. It aims at helping the sufferers suffering from diseases of the genitourinary system to regain health. 7. Chronic prostatitis cannot be cured The pathological changes of prostatitis are complex. Many factors can aggravate the congestion of the prostate and cause the symptoms to appear repeatedly, such as excessive fatigue, lack of diet, and so on. Therefore, to be able to receive regular and scientific treatment, while avoiding the influence of some adverse factors, we will be able to treat chronic prostatitis completely.

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