Winter is Coming – Strengthen Your Immune System

Winter is about to start, and with it the most critical time of the year, when it comes to colds, runny nose or other diseases. But what can you do to get fit and healthy through the cold, except to sit in front of the heater wrapped in a thick bag of tea? We answered this question in the following article. Surely you know the following sentence from your parents: “Child, please put on warm clothes, so you will not get sick.” Dick packed we went then in the Michelin-style to the outside. But was the fear of our parents really justified? Does cold weather damage our immune system? Not really. Cold weather is not the only reason why we get sick more often in the winter months, nor is it proven that there is any clear link in this regard. Rather, there are even signs that, for example, regular cold showers can reduce the overall risk of infectious diseases. Due to the stress caused by the sudden cold in our body, we tend to produce more white blood cells. These help us to combat infectious diseases better and thus strengthen our immune system. Tip: You can strengthen your immune system with alternating showers. Start with short intervals and set the temperature to warm from 10 to 15 seconds. So you benefit in a short time from a refreshing immune boost and start the day awake! Vitamin C for your defences If you still feel the sensation of a cold, an increased intake of vitamin C can help immediately after the first signs to reduce the symptoms and severity of the cold. So, if you have normal kidney function, you can use at least 2 g of vitamin C a day to give your body the ability to take high-dose vitamin C. The 3 + 2 rule Basically, of course, a healthy diet should provide the basis for supplying the body with the necessary micronutrients. The so-called 3 + 2 rule can help to secure your need for the necessary minerals and vitamins. The basic idea behind this rule is to integrate 5 portions of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet, specifically: 3 servings of vegetables and 2 servings of fruit. Pay particular attention to a balanced and varied selection of fruits and vegetables to ensure a good balance between all important micronutrients. For example, a large orange can already cover your basic daily requirement for vitamin C of about 110 mg. Zinc – for performance and well-being The mineral zinc has, among other things, a positive effect on your immune system and occurs, inter alia, in fish, meat, grain germs and grains. This can lead to deficits of the important mineral, especially among physically active people. We therefore recommend a flat-rate daily intake of 25 mg of zinc, which is one of our zinc capsules , naturally in combination with a balanced and nutritious diet. Watch for a good night’s sleep An important aspect is also something we do every day, but we often take too little time for it: it’s about sleep. Often underestimated in its incredible relevance, it also benefits the immune system along with many other positive aspects. So we recommend at least 6-8 hours of sleep a day to do something good for your body. Do not you sleep less, you not only inhibit various regeneration processes, but usually also forfeits the full function of your natural defences. Conversely, this means you are at an increased risk of getting sick and staying sick much longer. It is not without reason that calm and patience are the most important components of the recovery process in the case of a flu or cold. Tip: To upgrade your sleep hygiene, put aside electronic devices such as your smartphone one hour before going to bed and take enough time to get down and get ready for rest. So you not only fall asleep faster, but also wake up more refreshed due to longer periods of deep sleep. The coordinated ratio of innovative ingredients supports a pleasant and restful sleep. Magnesium – the calm among the minerals In case of little or bad sleep, however, a look at the micronutrients may be useful. For example, a sufficiently high magnesium level in the body can help to calm down more quickly and enhance overall sleep. For example, oatmeal, various legumes, seeds, and paddy rice can help you meet your magnesium needs through nutrition. However, if you do a lot of exercise or are on a low-calorie diet, you can benefit from adding the mineral. Due to the water loss associated with the sport, among other things, magnesium is excreted through the skin, which thus lacks the body. Go back to the sun – or take vitamin D3 From October to April, the sun, our natural vitamin D3 donor, is rarely seen for more than a few hours a day. Because of this, regular intake during the cold season is even more essential. In particular, starting in early October, we recommend a daily intake of approximately 2000 IU * of vitamin D3 in order to develop all the benefits of the multi-talent over a longer period of time. Vitamin D3 helps you along with many other effects in immune defence and reduces inflammatory parameters. We kindly recommend our vitamin D3 capsules , which are high-dosed with 2800 IU * and cover your needs daily with one capsule. Important: If you need to take or take higher doses of Vitamin D3, it is advisable to consult with your family doctor to hedge any risks. Omega 3 – the anti-inflammatory Just like a sufficient amount of vitamin D, we put the regular consumption of fish and seafood to your heart. For the average fish consumption in Germany is only about 13-15 g per day, which is well below the recommendation of two servings of fish per week. It makes more than sense to integrate salmon, mackerel and Co. in your diet, because the contained omega 3 fatty acids are usually far too neglected by us and the recommended daily amount of 300 mg often by more than half below. Active people are even 5-10 times more demanding. To eat an effective and sufficient amount of essential fatty acids, you would have to eat a lot more fish.Omega 3 Plus and the vegan Omega 3 capsules . If you want to get the full potential out of the yellow anti-inflammatories for your immune system, we recommend a daily intake of 3-4 capsules. Whether magnesium as a regenerating aid, zinc or vitamin C for your immune system or Omega 3 capsules for inflammation, there are many ways to do something good for your body.

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