Complete Details About Citizenship Programs in Malta

If a person told you that you could obtain citizenship to a nation by just ‘buying’ into it, you possibly would laugh and shrug it off. However, this is the case in Malta where, since 2014, it has been possible to obtain Maltese citizenship through the Individual Investor Program. The attractive relaxed program allows strangers to get citizenship by satisfying an easy simple criterion, including having lived there for one year or by buying in through an investment plan. Malta is one of the European countries which provide citizenship through an investment scheme. It is a very-respected scheme which has worked fabulously for the country, with big investment being put into big industries, assisting the country’s economy to grow immensely. The Individual Investment Program is the finest investment program which has been formally documented by the European Commission. It was a program meant for very high net-worth people who wish to get full citizenship within an EU country. To be eligible for deliberation on citizenship programs in Malta, there is a need to meet a few requirements Be 18 years of age; Clear a due diligence test; Give proof of residence in Malta for the last 12 months; and Manage some investment requirements. If you are not previously a permanent resident in Malta, you must need to get a residential address in the nation and apply for an e-residence card. You do not really have to be physically there in the country for the 12-month period, you just have to officially be a resident of the country. Though it seems easy to gain Maltese citizenship on paper, the process is difficult, and applicants must actually get themselves together and get prearranged in order to be fruitful. The Individual Investment Program timeline can differ, and it is hard to predict. In general, the Maltese government counsels that it can take one year to attain Maltese citizenship from the date of submitting a primary application. The process can be divided into eight steps – Application groundwork and pre-approval. Application suggestion. Due diligence tests and processing by the Maltese government. Approval in principle. Influence by the applicant to the National Development and Social Fund. Investment in real estate and financial institutions within four months of approval. Completion of the 12-month residency requirement. The matter of citizenship certificate and passport. Applicants to the Citizenship Programs in Malta must make a contribution towards this fund to the tune of E650,000 as a simple minimum, plus an additional contribution of E25,000 for any spouse or children under the age of 18 and a E50,000 contribution for any dependent children who are aged between 18 and 26, or any dependent parents above the age of 55. Applicants to the Individual Investment Fund must also obligate to owning and recalling a residence in Malta for at least five years. This can either be through buying property (with the lowest value of E350,000) or through renting a property where the annual rent must exceed E16,000. We would be delighted to assist you and your family members in obtaining citizenship by Immigrant Investors Program in Malta.

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