The Effects of Colours in a House

A house of your own is a dream of many. And making that house your home is a huge task. It is a task that requires dedication, patience and constant efforts. The biggest part of personalizing your home is the colors you choose to deck up the walls of your house. If you have recently got a house and are struggling to choose the right colors, or even if you are renovating and need ideas, this blog is the right place to start with. Here’s how colors dictate the personality of your home. 1. Bright colors Colors like yellow, red, orange, bright pink, parrot green, etc, give an illusion of more space and make your house look bigger than it is! Plus, it is a refreshing change from the dull colors like white, beige and brown. 2. Complex colors If your personality is more subtle and relaxed, complex colors are the way for you. Deck up your walls in subtle shades of eggshell, turquoise, forest green and feel the vibes reflecting your persona. They give a more unique energy to the house. 3. Red Red is the color of hunger, psychologically! Ever wondered why so many eateries have tones of red in their interior? Red increases your appetite and you end up craving more food. Painting the dining hall red works wonder in solving any eating problems you might face. 4. Dark tones Shades of brown, olive green, grey and other dark colors provide a warmer, more welcoming atmosphere. The colors are perfect for winter decor since they provide a feeling of coziness. Plus, with dark colors, you don’t have to repaint the walls as often since they don’t rust easy. 5. Cool tones In contrast, you can use cool tones like blue, white, light green give the feeling of coolness and calm. They work best in summers. However, coloring the walls of your bedroom or study in cooler tones assures peace and concentration. 6. Subtle tones Lavender, peach, lemon yellow are some of the subtle shades that you can paint your walls in. They are more relaxing and welcoming. These colors are most suitable for living space since that’s where you entertain your guests. The colors make you feel comfortable and at ease to have conversations. 7. Your favorite color! Have your walls painted in the color you love the most to make yourself feel at home at best. If nothing, have it as part of your decor with pattern designs. You can also use the colors in your bathroom to feel relaxed in shower. Plus a good mirror selfie never hurts! 8. Green Green is the color of peace and concentration. Putting it in your study will help you concentrate in your work without distractions. Plus, you will get the vibe of sitting outside with plants and grass around you. It’s a win-win situation! 9. Purple Purple signifies royalty and romance. The color might not go that well on your walls but putting up purple curtains in your room definitely helps. You can mix it up with subtle colors to make the color more outstanding. 10. Shades of pink Pink is the best color to have in the meditation or spirituality room, especially in baby tones. The color helps you concentrate on the higher power and have a calming effect on your mind. Colors are very effective when it comes to home decor. They speak a lot about a person and their vibes. Choose yours wisely! Migsun is a real estate company which came into existence in 1989 under the name Mahaluxmi. Currently, under the leadership of Yash Migali, Migsun builds residential and commercial projects in Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and Lucknow. The brand delivers work on time and guaranteed complete customer satisfaction.

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