What Does a Jordan Trip can Offer for Travel Enthusiasts?

Many people are there who think Jordan has little to offer to the travelers as it has a population of merely 10 million! However, that’s not true at all! People who have been to Jordan know what it is like to spend time in this historic country. The diversity and staggering beauty has stunned them. And the warmth and kindness of the people in the country is extremely welcoming. Jordan tours will make you realize that the country is truly a hidden gem of the Middle East with numerous things to offer from spectacular natural scenes to world-famous historical and religious sites. Let us check out below what Jordan has to offer? ‘Ahlan wa Sahlan’ – Welcome to Jordan! • Pacifying Petra One of the Seven New Wonders of the World, Petra is the most fascinating attraction of Jordan. This historical and archaeological city which is located in the southern Jordan is also known as Rose City because of the color of stone used to create it. The main entrance of the city is simply incredible. Petra was once the home to the ancient Nabatean people and today is described as’ one of the most precious cultural properties of man’s cultural heritage’ by UNESCO. • Dynamic Dana Biosphere Reserve The Dana Biosphere Reserve is the largest nature reserve of Jordan that encloses more than 320 square kilometers of mountains and valleys. Also, you can find a wide variety of plant and animal species from various parts of the world including African, Asian and European continents. What makes this nature reserve even more enticing is that it is one of the eminent places to stargaze at night in the whole world. • Amicable Jordanian Hospitability The amicability, kindness and hospitability of Jordanians are world-renowned. People here are always happy and prepared to help you and make your Jordan travel experience the most enjoyable one. You definitely get many invitations for dinner and tea in this country! So be prepared! • A Safe Place to Travel In spite of being situated amidst a geopolitical red zone, Jordan still remains free from the troubles of the region. Therefore, it is completely safe to travel in and around Jordan. You can plan your Jordan tours individually or in group without getting worried about your safety! • Delectable Food If you are a food love and on Jordan tours then get assured that you get an opportunity to taste the tastiest and healthiest home cooked Jordanian food. Some of the must try dishes in Jordan are rice and meat based Mansaf and Maqloube. If you have planned your Jordan trip in summer then you might also find an assortment of colorful fresh salads such as tabbouleh as a complementary dish with the meal. Also, there are several poshest restaurants in Jordan that offer delectable food at a cheaper price. • Artistic Amman The capital of Jordan, Amman is the hub ofMiddle Eastern arts that features exhibits of Iraqi, Syrian and Palestinian artists along with the Jordanian arts. If you have an affinity towards art then you must explore the areas of Jabal Amman and l’Weibdeh. Besides these there is a diversity of landscapes that will astonish you for sure. From the ruins of the Greco-Roman city of Gerasa in Jerash, the Temple of Artemis in Jerash, stunning Wadi Rum deserts to the Dead Sea and more make Jordan trip an once in a lifetime experience.

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