Graphotherapy Exercises How Graphotherapy Works to Bring About Sterling Life Changes

Graphotheraphy is the science of modifying one’s handwriting to a slight extent in order to enhance the positive traits and subdue the negative traits in a person’s nature. It also includes drawing repetitive patterns to work on certain moods and emotions. Graphotherapy is based on the fundamental principle that our handwriting mirrors the working of our subconscious mind. As we go through various life experiences, our subconscious minds pick up the messages and learning from these experiences and store them. These stored experiences ultimately become a part of our personality and impact how we behave and react to different situations. It is interesting to know that the neural pathways which control the act of writing are direct channels from our subconscious mind, and therefore our handwriting is actually a visible projection of our innermost selves. The way we cross our “t”‘s, the direction in which our handwriting slants, the way we draw our strokes, every single feature of our handwriting is linked to a personality trait of ours. How graphotherapy works, is by helping a person to make conscious changes to her personality through graphotherapy exercises. The key to graphotherapy being effective lies in repetition. Graphotherapy exercises involve the repetition of certain patterns and repeated practice of certain strokes, letter formation or even the direction of the handwriting. Through these conscious repeated acts, one is actually sending out repeated messages or affirmations to the inner self about the changes which are intended in the mind till such time the change actually gets embedded into the subconscious mind and is outwardly projected through a behavioral change. This in a nutshell is how graphotherapy works. At this juncture it would be pertinent to mention that it is advisable for people wishing to harness the power of graphotherapy to make their lives better by seeking the guidance of a qualified Graphologist. An expert in this arena would help to ensure that the activity is carried out in the proper manner and provide inputs and corrective direction where needed. The methodology for doing the exercises is detailed below: 1. Sit at a comfortable place which provides a flat, supportive writing space and ample room for the free movement of your writing hand. 2. You may play some soft, soothing instrumental music in the background. 3. Have a pen or a pencil and blank writing paper in front of you. It is preferable that you have a notebook with unlined pages for doing your graphotherapy exercises in. 4. Take a few deep breaths and then start doing the exercises. 5. Your body should be as relaxed as possible while you are writing. If you find that your muscles are tensing or the writing is losing its intended form. Stop for a few seconds and take a few deep breaths before resuming. 6. At the end of the session make a brief note as to how you felt on the completion of the exercise. These notes will show you your progress over a number of sessions. Before concluding, it is being reiterated that in order to correctly see how graphotherapy works to bring about positive life changes, please seek the mentorship of a trained and certified graphologist and undertake the graphotherapy exercises under her care.

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