It is an abbreviation for – you only live once. This particular slogan is much like the sayings Seize the day and / or – just do it. Men and women generally utilize these sayings to tell their own classmates and friends to take potential risks or take steps they generally couldn’t do The words is a saying for many people for a long period, however the shorter variant, YOLO, has came into common use because the appearing of the song The Motto sang by Drake. Oftentimes, however, the expression was blown out from the proportion and teens excessively use it to label images and FB statuses on Facebook or twitter because it is cool and trendy. YOLO symbolizes You Only Live Once in popular music or You Obviously Lack Originality specifically when applied to online world. It’s going to have totally different significance based on wording where it is being used. Many of us use it on tweets, Fb, or Youtube to suggest that we have to live every day considering that we kick the bucket we do not get back to life over again therefore we must live the lives to the maximum.Shortened forms frequently confuse most people. Whether or not they mean the name of a college degree, a higher education or perhaps funny short form of a word or phrase, you can be generally confused in the case of all of these acronyms. There are plenty of acronyms that could force you to like to go nuts. And after that, virtually all acronyms generally have a variety of definitions! One specific 3 letter abbreviation is SMH. Specified here are all the variants of this specific acronym. The whole version for SMH being used as an acronym is ‘scratching my head’. This is certainly just about the most popular full forms of SMH and it is most commonly put to use any time a person is unsure or is confused with what the other man or woman has just messaged. In addition, SMH over the net world may really mean ‘shaking my head’. It’s typically mentioned in case the particular person you are texting with tells you something so ridiculous that we have simply no words to reply with. Sometimes, this may also signify ‘smack my head’, although it still signifies exactly the same thing, that’s, you are too annoyed to reply to something brainless. So as a consequence, in the electronic world, SMH may really mean either ‘shaking my head’ and additionally ‘scratching my head’.

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